how we roll

Here’s the very first thing you should know:

I am a lifestyle & portrait photographer for families, couples & kidlets in the fair city of Portland. I shoot messy, magical, real-life miracles — cake batter on noses, Sunday morning cuddles, hidden smiles, secret hobbies, and all the gorgeous catastrophes that unfold in the ultimate Life-As-Art studio: your home.

I don’t shoot weddings, bar mitzvahs, or big group events events. But these people do.

I tend to fall in love with my clients — but not in a creepy way.
And I tend to become a recurring character in their lives — but not in a stalkerish way.

If you’re loving what you see, then I’d love to see you.

Here’s how we roll, from first click to grand finale.

#1: Spend some quality time with my gallery & blog. Feeling those happy tingles? Adore what you see? Want some o’ that? Excellent! On we go…

#2: Read my FAQs (aka, Frequently Awesome Questions). They’re un-boring, important, and will help you decide if we’re destined for greatness. (Fingers crossed).

#3: Check out my pricing & packages. My portrait sessions are $300 and my packages range from $1200 to $2500, depending on the prints, books, albums & perks you want to include.  Every package includes a digital gallery of fully-edited photos combined with ordering credits, other carefully chosen goodies — and unlimited love. (You can also order Ala Carte with a $400 minimum order, but the packages are pretty darn popular!)

#4: Send me a note. My Contact Form is quite a delight.

#5: Tell me everything. We’ll schedule a quick phone conversation, to start dreaming up your ideal photography experience — the who, what, when, where … and what to wear. I’ll also have you complete a pre-session kit, with a few more details. I’m not nosey, just thorough. Well … maybe a little of both.

#6: Showtime! Or rather, playtime! On the day of our session, we’ll spend 1 – 3 hours together, at the location of your choice (most likely, your house). There will be giggles. There may be snacks. There shall be love. And a myriad photos.

#7: Off to the printery! One or two weeks after our session, you’ll receive a digital gallery of edited photos — usually in the range of 60 to 100. Then, you’ll choose which ones you’d like printed, framed, or bound in a story book. Could be just a few. Could be most of ‘em. Could be every last one — with a few extras, for grandma.

The grand finale: You’ll receive all of your printed materials in the mail. Don’t be surprised if there’s a handwritten love note, tucked in there. And a surprise, or two.

And then, the only question is … when can we do it, again?