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Kind Words 1

Jen McGreer Downer has done it again folks! This lady and her magical eye never cease to amaze me in capturing the essence of what it is to be human. Keepin’ it real with snotty noses and all.- Sonja Barclay

It’s easy to see that Jen is an exceptionally talented photographer. But what is more difficult to convey through her photos is how she herself radiates love and ease, making it so easy to be yourself in front of her and her camera. The photos she took of me for my website were spectacular, she was a pleasure to communicate with, and more than willing to be adventurous and flexible with me. I booked a photographer and felt like I made myself a friend. Jen is a gem!- brenda e.

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What beautiful photos! You’ve captured the little every day things about our family we’re never able to record, and even some things we’ve never noticed ourselves. You have such an insightful and compassionate eye. We feel so lucky to have this record of our messy, silly, loving family. – Sharon Stern

I Wanted to take a moment and thank you for the wonderful images you captured of our family. I don’t know if we tell you how precious your work is to Jen and I. The photos you capture are probably our most treasured possessions and are memories that we hold dear. Our sessions we have with you each year are times we look forward to. It’s amazing to watch our family grow thru your pictures – the story they tell and the love they capture is priceless. You’re an artist. – Peter Devries

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Thank you so very much for giving us such a beautiful gift. It is truly our life as art. And it’s our real life. A life full of joy, sneaky smiles, grey hair, impromptu dancing, unarranged hand holding, music, laughter and light. A life with soul. It’s not just your pictures that are full of grace. It is you. As a parent, my hope for my children is that they will engage in this world with wonder and delight – and that the adults they encounter will help facilitate this. This is exactly who you are, Jen. You not only capture the wonder, you inspire it. Loretta was so pleased and honored that her ideas were considered and incorporated. You made her feel important and validated. And Hyde can’t stop talking about how Lightening McQueen is living in the camera lens – BRILLIANT! You’re an exceptional photographer, artist, friend and human being, Jen Downer. We love you. – The Uherbelau Castle Family

jen’s photography sessions feel like spending time with a dear friend. through her ease of being and genuine joy, she sets a relaxed, playful, and intimate tone. she’s captured incredibly genuine moments between my partner, family, and I that have otherwise been elusive to film because of how comfortable and connected we all felt together. she has a magical way of ushering in tenderness, love, and happiness. jen is more than a gifted photographer, she is a warm source of connectivity and creativity. thank you jen, for lasting memories of a beautiful afternoon spent with those i love, and you. – Kim

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