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Otherwise known as: a Love Letter to all my future clients…

Guess what? I dig you. I think you’re amazing. And beautiful.

I trust you to show up to our session, with wrinkles and crooked teeth and cookie crumbs and Chapstick. I trust you to play, to smile, to stretch and to scratch. I trust you to let me do my work, nudge you into sunlight, make you exquisitely comfortable, and transform your beautifully messy, maddening & miraculous family & reality into Art.

I trust you, because trust makes everything better.

Consider these FAQs (that’s Frequently AWESOME Questions, by the way) to be little trust-building vitamins — everything you need to know, to show up to our session feeling bubbly & bright, and have an excellent time. Please visit my desktop site for the full experience, and for accessing my FAQs.

1. Where is our photography session going to happen?

2. Ack! My house is a mess/unfinished/not a perfect showroom! Can't we do our session somewhere else?

3. What should we wear?

4. What if it rains?

5. What if one of us is sick?

6. I am totally awkward in front of the camera & unphotogenic - how will you handle me?

7. How will you work your magic with my crazy/wild/shy kids?

8. Anything we should do to prepare?

9. What if we’re unhappy with the photos? Can I get a refund? Or a do-over?

10. What actually happens, during our photography session? And what do we get, once its over?

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