Frequently AWESOME Questions

Otherwise known as: a Love Letter to all my future clients…

Guess what? I’m proud of you. I think you’re amazing. And beautiful.
And I trust you, implicitly.

I trust you to show up to our session, with wrinkles and crooked teeth and cookie crumbs and Chapstick. I trust you to play, to smile, to stretch and to scratch. I trust you to let me do my work, nudge you into sunlight, make you exquisitely comfortable, and transform your beautifully messy, maddening & miraculous family & reality into Art.

I trust you, because trust makes everything better.

Consider these FAQs (that’s Frequently AWESOME Questions, by the way) to be little trust-building vitamins — everything you need to know, to show up to our session feeling bubbly & bright, and have an excellent time.

* * *

Where is our photography session going to happen?
Ideally, at your home! There’s nothing more authentic & gorgeous than capturing a family in their home zone — unmade beds, dog hair, pancake batter and all. But if you’ve got a special location in mind — a sunlit field, a biking trail, or a farmers market — I’d love to hear about it. Only one rule, in my book: natural lighting, all the way.

What if it rains, on our date?
We’ll frown. We’ll sulk. And we’ll choose a new date, together — as soon as reasonably possible. Here in Portland, the weather can be fickle & frustrating. But trust me — once you receive your album of photos, bathed in incredible, radiant natural light, you’ll know … it’s worth the wait.

What actually happens, during our photography session?
We play & chat & take photos together, for 1 – 3 hours. I’ll meet your family, we’ll share some tea or coffee, you’ll give me a tour of your home, and I’ll scout for the best light. Then, real life begins. You’ll bake cookies, fold laundry, snuggle on your bed, read the comics — whatever you normally do together — whatever feels natural! I’ll prompt you with suggestions, and do some gentle ‘art direction’ — but really, the best photos come out of pure, unstructured playtime. And when we’re done, hugs all around. Unless you’re not the hugging type. In which case — air-hugs for you!

What do we get, once it’s over?
One or two weeks after your photography session, you’ll receive a digital gallery of edited photos — usually in the neighborhood of 60 to 100 images.

Then, you’ll decide how you’d like each of your photos to be presented. Full-color prints? Black & white wallet shots? Accordion album, for grandma? Bound story book, for the coffee table?

Your photography package will include a set number of printing options, with a la carte choices, to boot. You’ll have two weeks to choose what you’d like, and clue me in. Need more than two weeks? No problem. But be a champ, and let me know in advance. It’ll help me balance your needs with my (other) beautiful clients — and, y’know, keep my business rolling.

What should we wear?
Short answer: whatever makes you feel beautiful. Could be your favorite kimono. Might be a bowtie & sneakers. We’re going for casual, unfettered & free. I’d strongly advise against dressing in matching ‘family uniforms’ — it (almost) always looks awkward and forced.

For more wardrobe & styling ideas, check out this brilliant post by Sarah Wert of Modern Kids Photography on Say Yes to Hoboken.

Anything we should do, to prepare?
My best advice is this: make sure everyone in your family is excited and completely on board for the photography adventure — and knows what to expect. That includes both your kids — and your partner.

Other than that, get a good night’s sleep, and let real life unfold … as it naturally does.

How do we pay you?
Once we choose & confirm a date, I’ll send you an electronic invoice. You can pay via PayPal, with a credit card, or with an old-school paper check.

Need to pay in installments? No worries. I do ask, however, that you’ve paid up in full by the date of our session.

What if we’re unhappy with the photos? Can I get a refund? Or a do-over?
I don’t do refunds, and I don’t do do-overs. It’s simply not sustainable, from a business perspective — but happily, it’s a very infrequent concern.

Here’s the thing — if you love my portfolio, feel drawn to my personality, and are genuinely open to a playful, unstructured, real-life photography session … you will love your photos. They will be beautiful. They will be true. They will be … you!

If you’re already feeling shaky or iffy about working with me — that’s OK! We might not be a match, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’d encourage you to swoop elsewhere. There are oodles of family & lifestyle photographers in Portland, alone.

Ready to make a date?
Head over here, and learn how we roll. After that, I’m an email away.

Here’s to authenticity, to trust, and to photos you’ll treasure, forever.